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      Hello! Welcome to Mesoco Metal Technology(Kunshan) Co.,Ltd Official website!

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      Mesoco - one stop stamping parts production service provider

      To provide customers with precision stamping products

      National Service Hotline


      Position:Homepage --> Company culture
      Company vision: To be the technology and cost leader in stamping manufacturing, and make Mesoco a place of enjoying work and life.
      Company mission: Focusing on customer demands and feeling. To provide one stop Stamping solution and components to create customer value.
      Basic concept: people-oriented, the pursuit of corporate development of the individual and society
      Customer satisfaction: Discover customer needs, bring value to customers, respect and care for customers
      Respect for the individual: open and honest communication, fair treatment at all times, mutual trust, mutual support, and acceptance of different things
      Teamwork: support for teamwork, support for other team members
      Achievement: common vision and goal, sense of responsibility, determination to fight for victory, praise
      Knowledge sharing: Active knowledge sharing, collecting new knowledge independently
      Continuous learning: innovation and courage, support development, tolerate failure, never be complacent, keep a humble and open mind
      Our commitment:
      We firmly believe that only companies that are constantly innovating can be invincible in the new competitive environment. All our business activities should create economic benefits and bring improvements in the quality of life for people affected by the company; our actions are all It should have a positive impact; we will deal openly with all relationships and be responsible for our actions.
      For society, we promise:
      Abide by national regulations and operate honestly
      Respect for personal dignity and rights
      Handle various relationships based on the principle of mutual benefit, win the trust of others and be willing to deal with us
      Strive to win new customers with new thinking and new creativity
      Strive to improve financial performance and maximize the company's long-term benefits
      For employees, we promise:
      Create a working environment that trusts and respects each other, cherishes differences, and encourages participation, so that each employee:
      Understand the company's requirements for its position
      Open and constructive discussions on their respective performance
      In an innovative cultural atmosphere, each employee's ability can be improved and can develop within the company.
      Personal performance is promised and competitive returns
      Have the opportunity to express opinions and make their own contributions to improve the collective performance
      Be treated fairly and without discrimination
      Technical Support: Guocheng 2018-2025 Mesoco Metal Technology(Kunshan) Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved.
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