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      • 1. The rebound of the material causes the product to be unqualifiedMeasures to reduce rebound:The stamping material with stable mechanical properties with large elastic modulus and small yield point is selected.Add correction process and use correction bending instead of free bending;Before bending, the material should be annealed, so tha…

      • Precision metal stamping is a process technology that uses a die to press metal or sheet metal on the stamping equipment to deform or separate, and then obtain a specific shape and size. Fine metal stamping is a metal stamping process that is currently widely used. It has many advantages in terms of technology and economy. The following e…

      • In the metal stamping production, the daily maintenance of the mold is crucial, which affects the performance and service life of the mold. The maintenance of metal stamping processing molds requires attention to the following:1. The mold must be sharpened after prolonged use. After grinding, the edge surface must be demagnetized, and it …

      • First, the curling phenomenon appearing on the punching hole has different shapes due to different reasons.(1) Curling due to uneven die surface.When the edge of the die edge is collapsed or notched, the above defects are often generated when stamping in a concave state after partial correction. Eliminate it by improving the accuracy of t…

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