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      What are the advantages of precision metal stamping?

      Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020-05-07 14:36:18 Hits:129
      Precision metal stamping is a process technology that uses a die to press metal or sheet metal on the stamping equipment to deform or separate, and then obtain a specific shape and size. Fine metal stamping is a metal stamping process that is currently widely used. It has many advantages in terms of technology and economy. The following editors of Yichi metal stamping processing manufacturers will organize and introduce them.

      Advantages of precision metal stamping:
      1. Simple operation, convenient for mass production, easy to realize mechanization and automation.
      2. The precision metal stamping processing function is relatively stable, and the stamping parts have good interchangeability.
      3. Compared with castings and forgings, it has the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong.
      4. Fine metal stamping is a processing method with high production efficiency and high data usage rate, generally up to 70-85%.
      5. Using precision stamping, the precision of stamping parts can reach the micron level, and the repeating accuracy is high, and the standard is common, which can stamp out holes, bosses, etc.
      The stamping parts manufactured by precision metal stamping have a wide range of applications in various industries, such as auto parts, mobile phone batteries, electronic circuit boards, etc., play an important role and are indispensable equipment accessories.
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