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      When bending metal stamping parts, what are the reasons for unqualified size and shape?

      Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020-05-07 15:15:06 Hits:140
      1. The rebound of the material causes the product to be unqualified
      Measures to reduce rebound:
      The stamping material with stable mechanical properties with large elastic modulus and small yield point is selected.
      Add correction process and use correction bending instead of free bending;
      Before bending, the material should be annealed, so that the cold-work hardened material is softened in advance and then bent to form;
      If the shape deformation occurs during the stamping process and is difficult to eliminate; the slope of the punch and the die should be replaced or repaired, and the gap between the die and the die should be equal to the minimum material thickness.
      Increase the contact area between the concave die and the workpiece, and reduce the contact area between the punch and the workpiece.
      Use "overkill" to reduce the impact of rebound.

      2. The positioner wears out and deforms, and the positioning of the strip is not accurate. A new positioner must be replaced.

      3. In the unguided bending die, when adjusting on the press, improper adjustment of the position of the bottom dead center of the press slider will also cause the shape and size of the bending piece to be unqualified.

      4. The pressing device of the mold fails or does not work at all. It must readjust the pressing force or replace the pressure spring to make it work normally.
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